The world's easiest nsf check recovery tool


Quickly get paid for nsf items with just a check image.  No learning curve.



Get control of your nsf accounts in one place.  See and track recovered checks in real time.


No more time spent chasing nsf payments.  CheckRise works in the background while you focus on your organization.


How CheckRise works

CheckRise uses our intelligent Accudebit™ system to recover nsf items through the banking system.  It works like remote deposit for nsf checks...on autopilot.  Reduce management workload.  Increase employee productivity.  Track progress in real time while making your business more profitable. 


Upload check images for recovery from any computer at store, regional or corporate level.


Our intelligent Accudebit™ system processes your check via the banking system everyday for up to 30 days until your funds are recovered.


Recovered funds are transferred to you by direct deposit, PayPal or receive a check by mail.



Sign up as an early beta user and recieve unlimited Checkrise use.


$0 / month

✔  Free nsf check recovery

✔  Unlimited check uploads

✔  Unlimited online reporting

✔  Same day reimbursement

✔  Free email support


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